It takes more than a month to create a single Couture Confection. I see the surprise on a face when I say that but when you take into account all the hidden steps that are involved you will not be surprised.

Of course there is the sewing (yes, that is the same sewing machine that I have been using since 1970, but to be honest I have 2 identical machines in case one is in the shop, I can continue to work)


And there is the pattern making

Sometimes the paper can be ironed

But before any of these steps can be done, the paper must be prepared. The silk sanwa, a sheer paper from Thailand, comes in white only so each dress has to be air brushed with the paint of the color I want the dress to be. I have to air brush the paper

Because the paper needs at least 6 coats of paint it has to be line dried between coats

When the paper is the correct color I can apply a sealant

Now the paper is ready for the pattern and sewing machine